Second Arm Knitting Class - 10 blankets knitted

Wow, Saturday was the busiest day of the shop so far.  This is what I've been aiming for since I opened and long may it continue.  We had 10 people booked onto the second arm knitting class on Saturday.  The plan was to split the group 5 taught by me and the other 5 by Kati.  But when we put the option of everyone sitting in one big group they loved the idea.  It created a large group of people out for the afternoon with their friend, mother, sister learning a new skill and having a laugh all the while too.

It still amazes me the different styles you see created, some blankets are long and thin the others are short and wide.  Its all down to the tension and cast on amount.  Here are some photos.

Mink colour

Candy Floss

Ash Grey

Petrol colour

That's me - second from left

Ash Grey

Pink to make the boys wink

Double wink